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Annoying Pests and Rodents

Removal Services for Rodents, Insects, Termites, & Ants

Somebody Call for an Exterminator? Kill all insects, termites, ants, and wasps with pest removal services from our company in the Dallas area. First Strike Pest Control is the name to remember when you're having a pest problem. Call in a surgical strike to devastate the encroaching hordes of bugs, rodents, and pests that threaten your home or business.

Call our company in the Dallas area, at (972) 200-1240 for turnkey pest removal services.

Flying Insects & Dead Animals

Our pest control removal company can take care of all annoying bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and flies in Dallas, Frisco or even Irving TX. Flying insects which sting and bites can be in and around your home and be a danger to you and your family, and we can eliminate them. We also find and remove dead animals.

Rodent & Wildlife

First Strike Pest Control can handle rats and mice; we put out a bait and within a week or so the problem is eliminated. We can trap squirrels, possums and raccoons, and remove them from your property. When we arrive for a rodent job, we do an assessment on your home and locate the entry points. We can provide an estimate on rodent proofing which blocks these entry points. Most rodent proofing jobs come with a one year guarantee.

Fire Ants

First Strike Pest Control has a program specifically designed to annihilate your fire ant problem. For many people, fire ants cause an allergic reaction with their bite that can make the skin blister up. Bite back with our treatment—we guarantee your fire ant problem will be gone for one year.

Rodent Exterminator in Dallas TX

General Pest Removal

Call our pest control company for an over-the-phone estimate on your pest control needs. First Strike Pest Removal deals with all your insect problems including roaches, silverfish, ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs.

Effective Services

There are various sprays, baits, and dusts that can be put in and around your home. We are very effective at ridding your home of all pests.

Offering expert Rodent Removal, Fire Ants, Flying Insects Removal in Dallas, Coppell, Frisco, Irving, Richardson, Plano, and Garland TX.